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About us

Prutaz Construction VTC (u) ltd, was established  in 2006 as a limited construction and vocational training company.

The company started with a vision of providing quality and Competent building services in a honest and a straight forward manner at a realistic price and timely delivery of product.

The Brand began specializing in small and medium sized projects for both private individuals and Institutions

Prutaz was founded on strong principals of cadreship and comradeship development that paved path for growth and commitment to the construction industry.

2014 was the brand turning point, more staff  were recruited that played a vital role to see it that the company expands which has been evidenced by a numerous number of challenging projects done and completed in time. This attributed to a good turn over which we have maintained.

After 10 years of excellence in the competitive industry, now the Brand is much ready to take on directorship to achieve sustainable growth and development.

Core Values

This vision is driven by our core brand values which are:-

  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Creativity& Innovation
  • Transparency& Accountability
  • Teamwork and Care
  • Timely Delivery

Our authenticity, skill and experience

Prutaz Construction VTC (u) ltd, is a registered construction and vocational training company ltd.

The Practice brings together a team of creative, innovative, committed and competent  professionals with the vast knowledge in the building and construction Industry.

Located in the heart of Fort Portal Municipality of Kabarole District.

Prutaz is one of the leading company both locally and in the Rwenzori Region. The success of our Practice is attributed to technical experience, commitment to execute in detail, innovation, creativity, integrity and true professionalism that is evident in all our projects that have always left our clients and other partners smiling.

Prutaz company is managed and run by a team of competent, experienced and qualified professionals with the vast knowledge of today's modern construction and management. The team is well supported by Finance and Administration Department which is being lead by the Managing Director (Robert Kisembo).

Prutaz Construction VTC continues to explore more and more creative opportunities for its development and expansion.

working on one of the projects

This is who we are

We are a very creative team, you'll see.

KISEMBO ROBERT APUULIManaging Directorrobert@prutaz-construction.com
RICHARD MWEBESAHead of Accounts/Financerobert@prutaz-construction.com
SYLVIA KABATOORO Head of Procurement & Logistics
KENNETH MUGENYIArchitect & Construction Manager

Contuct Us

Toro Dairy Building,
Plot No. 16B Rukidi III Street,
P.O. Box 81, Fort Portal.

Office: +256 483 422275

Mob:   +256 772 494288

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